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The interior is one of the most important parts to get right, after you have chosen your site and marquee size, coordinating the colour and texture an accessories to match you event, is a crucial part in finishing off your interior, here at Classic Marquees we have a wide range of choice and can ship or make something special in if needed.

We can supply a vast range of linings and accessories form coloured swags and drapes through to starlight cloth. In addition to this we have a wide choice of furniture fixtures and fittings such as tables and stools, coffee tables, leather sofas, chandeliers, up lighters, mirror balls and dance floors… Creating that beautiful interior transforms our marquee into your own special space.
With a side range of choice we will ensure your event is special and of a high quality.


Our marquees can be lined with contemporary straight silks; coloured drapes and classic pleats, to create that perfect finish. Over the 14 years we have created many interiors, from beach parties to classic weddings. We enjoy creating something different – please get in touch.

You can add black out lining for a dramatic look to enhance lighting effects.
For a truly special touch star cloth (in ivory or black) can be included which can twinkle, the result has to be seen.


Our marquees can be erected on any surface. In some cases flooring is not essential but this depending on the event type and the ground surface. We can advise of this when conducting a site visit to put a quote together.

Interlocking Wood Floor

If the grass is not level enough for a carpet to be laid directly on it, then we will pack the floor and lay an interlocking wood floor on the top. This gives a good grounding for all occasions-the chairs will certainly not wobbly and your champagne is quite safe.
Wooden boards are laid directly onto the ground, this option is suitable for a flat site, please note the flooring will follow the contours of the ground.


Our floors can be covered in the carpet of your choice from our extensive range.

Dance floors

Parquet, black and white – a bit of fun in the marquee or wooden – ideal for ceilidh. Do not forget the stage units for the band or for speeches.

Fixtures and Fittings

We pride ourselves with the attention to detail we put in to every marquee, we have many options for fixtures and fittings and these include:

The marquee:

Windows where you require them, double wooden entrance doors. We keep our own heaters in stock, so you can decide late if you require a heater. They are all fully serviced and on thermostats. They are positioned out side the marquee and the warm air is piped in.


Chandeliers are traditional within the marquee, but we are having more customers wanting each table spot lit. This is a different look, and you can colour the lights for a really good party! Up lighters around the marquee will add atmosphere to either the chandeliers or the spot lit marquee. We can also put the lights on dimmers so they can change throughout the event.


We provide tables in various sizes and shapes, and chairs in different colours and style. We can also provide poseur tables and stools for a more contemporary look – often used around the bar area, we can also provide different bar fronts.
Why not introduce a chill out area – ideal for any function, and use our ivory leather sofas and coffee table
We will ensure that you have everything that you will need things such as coat rails, bar units, dance floors, furniture, stages, toilets, heaters and lighting can all be supplied. Every wedding will also have a cake table and easel with board